US Army – Support Services to Mission Command Battle Lab (MCBL) – (Sub Contracting)


Apex supports the strategic planning necessary to design, plan, manage, and execute the Battle Lab’s annual program of experimentation. Apex assists MCBL leadership by providing a holistic strategic planning effort covering all lines of effort and technologies. Events lines include, workshops, seminars, Technology Limited Objective Experiments, Simulation Experiments and Technical Demonstrations. The Science and Technology team focuses on systems development by developing a holistic plan for integrating emerging technologies and systems in events supporting the annual program of experimentation. Our team plans and executes first-class experimentation activities, technical demonstrations, excursions and limited objective experiments, targeted at evaluating and providing critical input to the key emerging technologies enabling the execution of Mission Command. Team members participate in exercise/experimentation In-Progress-Reviews in preparation for all experiments. The Team also provides scenario development support and provides system administration support to experimentation and MCBL daily activities.

US Army – Analytical Support Services to the MC CoE CDID Concept and Requirements


Determination Division for analysis of future echelons above brigade formation’s capabilities engaged in Multi-Domain Battle (Sub-Contracting)

Apex provides continuous analytical support services for the US Army Combined Arms Center Mission Command Center of Excellence Capabilities Development Integration Directorate (CAC-MC CoE CDID) Concept and Requirements Determination Division (CRD). Apex personnel as part of a larger assessment team provide assessments for completion of the Mission Command effort and its related areas, such as electronic warfare, information operations, personnel recovery, site exploitation, and airspace command and control. This will include multiple assessments being performed simultaneously to include all or part of the MC Warfighting Function (defined by required capabilities), for all formations variants and the respective Command Posts at echelons above brigade (EAB) up to Army Service Component Command.

US Army – Security Support Services to the TRADOC Analysis Center (TRAC) at Fort Leavenworth.  (Prime Contractor)

tradocApex provides administrative assistance for security and other security-related support functions for the Training and Doctrine Command TRAC facilities and operations located at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  TRAC conducts research and analysis on military operations worldwide to inform senior Army decision makers about current and future issues facing the Army and the Department of Defense (DoD). Apex maintains a comprehensive security program including multiple Open Storage Areas (OSA). The program is based upon requirements identified in ARs 25-2, 190-13, and 380-5 and all facets of information, personnel, physical security, and the control of visitors to and from TRAC facilities. Associated tasks are divided between: coordinating, writing, and implementing major portions of the requisite information security assurance accreditation documents and security-related SOPs and and assembling/consolidating documents from input prepared by others for inclusion into these documents.

US Army – Scenario Intelligence Operations Development, Documentation, and Refinement Support to the TRADOC Analysis Center – Fort Leavenworth (Sub-Contracting)


Apex provides scenario intelligence operations development, documentation, and refinement to support TRADOC Analysis Center, Fort Leavenworth Scenario Division. The TRADOC Analysis Center (TRAC) is the lead agency responsible for the production of TRADOC Standard Scenarios. In this role, TRAC participates in the development and uses Support to Strategic Analysis (SSA) products that include Defense Planning Scenarios (DPS), Multi-Service Force Deployment (MSFD) scenarios, and the Integrated Planning Scenarios (IPS) in the production of corps and division-level operational scenarios (CDS), brigade and below scenarios (BBS), andtactical level vignettes. These scenarios and vignettes provide a foundation for analysis,experimentation, and testing across TRADOC and the Army.

US Army – Brigade Pre-Command Course (PCC)/CSM Guest Speaker Support (Sub-Contracting)


To help ensure maximum application of commercial business leadership principles within the School for Command Preparation (SCP) Brigade Pre-Command and Command Sergeants Major Course (PCC/CSM), Apex provides guest speakers to the Strategic Leadership Seminar (SLS). The speakers are recognized successful leaders within the Kansas City businesses community and in some cases, from large corporations from around the Nation. This program fulfills the Chief of Staff of the Army’s (CSA) vision for broadening the PCC/CSM student’s experience through exposure to commercial-based strategic leaders. Through the guest speakers, Apex helps ensure the students’ accomplishment of the overall SLS goal – “Understanding the Strategic Environment and Managing Change” through the lens of the business community. The speakers help generate group discussions and provide a realistic business perspective within the same instructional areas as the PCC/CSM instruction. These are:

  • Understanding the Strategic Environment & Self; operate and Succeed within that environment to achieve sustainable competitive advantage in their industry.
  • Leading Fundamental Change in complex environments
  • Visualization strategically over time, Critical/Strategic thinking.
  • Communicating, negotiating, and influencing to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Strategic planning. Implementation/Execution in the strategic environment.

Aptima Corporation – Operational Relevance, DARPA, Army Research Laboratory (ARL) SBIR entering Phase III, and Machine Learning SBIR (Sub-Contracting)

Apex Analytics began working with Aptima Corporation in 2012, with a focus on facilitating the research, development and transition of a software capability called Automated Collaboration Collection & Relationship Understanding Environment (ACCRUE). Apex worked closely with Aptima and Army Research Lab (ARL) personnel to shape the development of the ACCRUE tool. In this role, Apex provided the linkage to the Army through a close relationship with the Mission Command Training Program (MCTP). Apex facilitated the ACCRUE development team’s participation and data collection in over seven MCTP brigade combat team (BCT) exercises. The current ACCRUE project, as a phase III Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR), is nearing transition readiness. Apex continues its partnership with Aptima through assistance with a Machine Learning SBIR using Artificial intelligence and other technologies to assist Commanders and Staffs in executing the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP).