Subject matter expertise as the user representative in analyzing, determining, prioritizing, and documenting operational capabilities during the development and lifecycle processes –

  • JCIDS Expertise – Document Development, Staffing and Implementation.
  • Command Post Computing Environment operational capabilities and Concept of operations
  • Common Operating Environment Information Systems – Initial Capabilities Document Development
  • Future Command and Control Information Systems capability development
  • DOTmL-PF Assessments
  • Operations and Intelligence Convergence
  • User representative integrating operational capabilities with System/Application design– Initial Design Review, Preliminary Design Review and Critical Design Review
  • Employee Capability Development Certificates


Experts in identifying systems capabilities, software requirements, architectures and documenting processes and workflows used to design, develop, test, and implement applications and programs across multiple domains –

  • Mission Command domain research, studies, experiments and data collection in partnership with Army Research Lab (ARL) and Army Research Institute (ARI)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) application to cognitive processes and human performance
  • AI application development and operational assessments
  • Army ASA (ALT) program support and application development (Program Manager Mission Command (PM MC) experimentation)
  • Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA) program support and application development
  • Army Futures Command (AFC) systems development support in DEVCOM agencies


Apex provide program management, administrative and operational support in multiple capacities.  Our current contract support activities span the qualifications and experiences required by prospective clients.  Our personnel provide support grounded in experiences from multiple perspectives including:  users, managers, developers, testers, analysts, subject matter experts (SMEs), information technology support staff and sustainers.  Apex –

  • Possesses significant operational experience across a multitude of environments and specialties
  • Experience spans US Government Departments service requirements and across and Foreign Militaries
  • Provides contract management and administrative support in multiple capacities
  • Experience includes support to Foreign Military Sales programs (Office of Defense Cooperation, US Embassy, Ankara Turkey)

Service in combat leadership deployments to major theaters including Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Somalia and Bosnia.