Our managing partners are retired Army officers with nearly 70 years of military service in combat arms, acquisition, and logistics.   Apex employs a strategy based on three interconnected themes: Partner, Collaborate and Innovate. Apex establishes partnerships with industry-leading, successful organizations and academia to resolve complex Defense issues. We collaborate across government, businesses and academia to maximize our client’s return on investment without losing focus on improving Warfighter capabilities. Finally, we innovate within operationally sound boundaries and learn continuously. We complement our Clients’ innovation by ensuring their solutions retain proper operational context through design, development and implementation. A snapshot of Apex’s company recent experience and current capabilities:

Systems Development Experience:

Experts in identifying and documenting processes and workflows used in defining, designing, testing, and implementing Mission Command applications and programs –

  • Aptima Corp. – Operational Oversight for multiple Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects
  • Mission Command related experiments and data collection in partnership with Army Research Lab (ARL) and Army Research Institute (ARI)
  • Mission Command Battle Lab’s (MCBL) Command and Control University (C2U) chartered to familiarize systems developers with the Army operational environment
  • Program Manager Mission Command (PM MC) CPCE experimentation
  • Usability Study and other Multi-Touch Development work with CERDEC
  • Connecting Soldiers with Digital Applications (CSDA) Experimentation
  • CERDEC Universal Collaboration Bridge (UCB) Experimentation

Capability Development Experience:

Subject matter expertise as the user representative in analyzing, determining, prioritizing, and documenting operational capabilities during the development and lifecycle processes –

  • JCIDS Expertise – Document Development, Staffing and Implementation.
  • Command Post Computing Environment operational capabilities and Concept of operations
  • Common Operating Environment Information Systems – Initial Capabilities Document Development
  • Future Command and Control Information Systems capability development
  • DOTmL-PF Assessments
  • Operations and Intelligence Convergence
  • User representative integrating operational capabilities with System/Application design– Initial Design Review, Preliminary Design Review and Critical Design Review
  • Employee Capability Development Certificates

 Operational Experience:

Experience from multiple – user, developer, tester, and sustainer – perspectives in diverse operational settings –

  • Employees possess significant operational experience across a multitude of environments and specialties
  • Managing Partners have  extensive operational experience
  • Joint Military Branch Assignment (Military Affairs Officer responsible for the Middle East and Africa).
  • Foreign Military Sales Experience (Office of Defense Cooperation, US Embassy, Ankara Turkey)
  • Soldier Experience spanning both enlisted and officer ranks.
  • Peace Keeping and Combat Operations.
  • Foreign combat leadership deployments to four major theaters including Iraq, Africa, Somalia and Bosnia.