Created in September 2011, Apex offers solutions to complex business problems facing our clients. The Apex Leadership Team has over 70 years’ experience working every facet of capabilities development with valued expertise in concept development, experimentation, capability documentation, program management, and testing. Apex employs a strategy based on three interconnected themes: Partner, Collaborate, and Innovate. Apex establishes partnerships with industry-leading, successful organizations and academia to resolve complex Defense issues. We collaborate across government, businesses and academia to maximize our clients return on investment without losing focus on improving Warfighter capabilities. Finally, we innovate within operationally sound boundaries and learn continuously. We complement our Clients’ innovation by ensuring their solutions retain proper operational context through design, development and implementation.

Our business expanded in Sept 2012 to support the TRADOC Capability Manager, Mission Command (TCM MC) and the Mission Command Battle Lab (MCBL). In 2014, we began supporting the School for Command Preparation by providing change management seminars and our support continues today through an extensive guest speaker program. In 2017 Apex began providing Information, Personnel, and Physical Security Support Services to the two elements of TRADOC Analysis Center (TRAC) geographically located at Fort Leavenworth.

In 2018 Apex continues to grow using our Partner-Collaborate-Innovate strategy. We expanded our support to TRAC in a partnership with Kevin Terrell Consulting (KTC) by providing Intelligence Warfighting Expertise to support Scenario Development. We expanded our partnership with Beshenich Muir and Associates, and began supporting an assessment of Army Echelon Above Brigade (EAB) capabilities for Multi-Domain Battle. Most recently, Apex teamed with Aptima to support a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project focused on Machine Learning in support of MDMP. In each endeavor, Team Apex has responded to every challenge by providing exceptional professional services. The slide below provides snapshot of Apex’s company profile.