Systems Development Experience:

Providing expertise in processes and workflows to define, design, test, and implement Mission Command systems and applications –

  • Aptima Corp. – Operational Oversight & Machine Learning SBIR
  • Pacific Science and Engineering Group (PSE) – Research Sponsorship and SBIR support
  • DARPA’s Deep Green – Operational Sponsor
  • Mission Command-related experiments and data collection in partnership with Army Research Lab (ARL) and Army Research Institute (ARI)
  • Mission Command Battle Lab’s (MCBL) Command and Control University (C2U) chartered to familiarize systems developers with the Army operational environment
  • Command Post of the Future (CPOF) – Partnership with DARPA at its inception and later with the Personalized Assistant that Learns (PAL) enhanced version (latest)
  • Program Manager Mission Command (PM MC) Web/Thin Client experimentation
  • Usability Study and other Multi-Touch Development work with CERDEC
  • Connecting Soldiers with Digital Applications (CSDA) Experimentation
  • Army Battle Command Systems (ABCS) Systems Development and Integration
  • CERDEC Universal Collaboration Bridge (UCB) Experimentation